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Publications of relief interventions





AV Dated 27/05/2020




AV Dated 01/07/2020

Corona Relief project is a CSR initiative of Vikatan group of companies which aims to support stranded victims of Corona Lock Down and the pro effects of this pandemic illness. This initiative was kick started on 10/04/2020 with the initial contribution of Rs.10 Lakhs from Vikatan group, Simultaneously 10 per cent contribution from the sale of magazines and digital subscriptions in the month of April 2020. Readers are supporting in terms of contributing funds for this initiative. Currently, we are in the phase I of relief interventions for COVID-19. Where we are engaged in Grocery kit distributions for Migrants, Tribal communities and Destitute homes for mentally ill, old age and orphanages. Grocery kit worth which can help them to take care of their food needs for one month is been distributed to Non Ration Card Holders.

1. Grocery Supplies for Nomadic Tribes at Thirumullaivoyal, Thiruvallur District

On 17/04/2020, we had distributed grocery supplies for the 65 families (Gypsy Community). This relief interventions was carried out at a cost price of Rs.1, 20,215 for the grocery supplies

2. Grocery Support for Manolaya Mentally Ill Home, Rameswaram, Ramanathapuram District

On, 24/04/2020 Grocery supplies, worth of Rs.46,878 comprises of 540Kgs of Rice, 45kgs of Dhal and other necessary grocery supplies was handed over to Manolaya Mentally ill Home, Rameswaram for the benefit of 46 Mentally ill inmates.

3. Grocery Supplies for BUM BUM (Adiyan Community) Maatukarar Family at Ayapakkam, Thiruvallur District

On 29/04/2020, Grocery Supplies worth of Rs.16,110 was distributed to the 10 Adiyan Community families.

4. Grocery Supplies for Migrant families at Palavedu and Karimedu village at Avadi, Thiruvallur District

On 06/05/2020, Grocery Supplies worth of Rs.1,77,210 was distributed to the 110 Migrant Families.

5. Grocery Supplies for Orphanage homes in Ambattur, Thiruvallur District

On 09/05/2020, Grocery Supplies worth of Rs.12,137 was distributed to the 2 orphanage homes which is stranded due to lockdown.

6. Grocery Supplies for Nomadic tribes families at Kundrathur

On 13/05/2020, Grocery Supplies worth of Rs.15,000 was distributed to the 10 Gypsy families at Kundrathur.

7. Grocery Supplies for Migrants from Nepal and Andhra at Mugappair,Chennai

On 15/05/2020, Grocery Supplies worth of Rs.38,664 was distributed to 24 Migrant families from Nepal and Andhra at Mugappair.

8. Grocery Supplies for Migrants from Andhra, Salem, Ariyalur and Namakkal at Nolambur, Chennai

On 21/05/2020, Grocery Supplies worth of Rs.1,95,000 was distributed to 130 stranded Migrant families from Andhra, Salem, Ariyalur and Namakkal.

9. Grocery Supplies for Migrants from Odisha and Telangana at Maduravoyal, Chennai

On 01/06/2020, Dry ration supplies worth of Rs.33,831 was distributed to 53 migrant bachelors who were working in hotels, granite shops and saloon.

10. Sanitary Items for destitute women in shelter homes at Vyasarpadi, Chennai

On 03/06/2020, 520 sanitary products was distributed to 130 destitute girls in shelter homes at Vyasarpadi at a cost of Rs.16,640.

11. Grocery supplies for fishermen families in Pazhaverkadu, Thiruvallur district.

On 13/06/2020, Dry supplies worth of Rs.3,11,250 was distributed to 249 fishermen families who belong to tribal community.

12. Grocery kits and Vegetable supplies for 30 Migrants from Bihar at Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai.

On 24/06/2020, groceries and vegetables worth of Rs.19,950 was distributed to stranded migrant laborers from Bihar.

13. Grocery Supplies for BUM BUM (Adiyan Community) Maatukarar Family at Ayapakkam, Thiruvallur District.

On 24/06/2020, Grocery Supplies worth of Rs.13,130 was distributed to the 10 Adiyan Community families. We had repeated this relief work for them by understanding their needs.

Total Funds Collected as on 24/06/2020


Total Amount of Funds Deployed


Total Number of Relief Interventions


Total Number of Beneficiaries so far


Restore Delta project is a CSR initiative of Vikatan Group of companies which aims to restore and rehabilitate the victims of Gaja Cyclone in delta region. Main aim of this project is to provide relief kits as an immediate relief, Renovate and restore the damages made by Gaja Cyclone and to rehabilitate the livelihoods of the victims of Gaja Cyclone

Relief Material Distribution

A relief kit worth of Rs.1500 which comprises of Taurpauline, 2 Bedsheet, 2 Towels, 1 Mosquito Net, 5kg of Rice Bag, Half Kg of Toor Dal, 1 Kg of Rava, 5 Packets of Semiyah, Biscuits, Candles and one pack of Match boxes were distributed to 2088 families in the villages of Nagapattinam, Tanjore, Pudukottai, Thiruvarur and Tribal hamlets of Dindugal district at a cost of 25 Lakhs.

Workshop for Farmers

Workshops and Trainings for Coconut farmers were organized and modules for restoring affected plants, techniques for uprooting trees and modifying fertilizers were oriented. Resource Support was from Kundrakudi Agricultural center.

Watering Crops through Generators

A total of 115 acres in the Villages of Aranthangi, Alangudi, Pudukottai and Thirumayam were provided with water supply through generators. Since there was no power supply for more than a period of one month.

Uproot/Derooting Cocunut Trees

A total of 2611 Coconut trees were derooted to ease the process of new saplings was intervened

Housing Project: Pushpavanam and Muthaliyar thoppu village of Nagapattinam district was first identified to provide housing to 10 poor families who have lost not only their houses but also all other belongings. This work was carried at an estimated cost of Rs.25 lakhs and the housing projects at Pudukottai and Tanjore district is under process.

Total Amount Collected from the Readers


Fund Contributed from Vikatan Group


Total Amount spent so far (Till March 2020)


Fund Remaining



Following the flood which devasted the major parts of kerala during the monsoon season of 2018, Ananda vikatan has initiated to raise funds for supporting kerala’s chief minister relief fund. The first flyer was published on 15.08.2018 in Ananda vikatan magazine and the campaign titled “LETS HELP KERALA” was initiated on the same day a total of Rs. 27,27,710 was raised from the readers for this campaign along with the staffs contribution Rs.4,10,683 and Vikatan’s contribution Rs.10,00,000 was handed over to Kerala chief minister Mr. Pinarayi vijayan for interventions in flood relief.









Links of the articles published


Links of the Articles published




There are 444 million children in India under the age of 18yrs. This constitutes 37% of the total population in our country and out of this 1 in 4 children of school going age are out of school in our country, i.e., 99 million children in total have dropped out of school. A survey reveals that only 69.8% of students studying in government schools have access to the basic infrastructure. Most of the government schools in Tamil Nadu are reported to have poor infrastructure and basic amenities such as toilets, drinking water facilities, libraries and furniture for the students. Taking this into consideration, Vikatan in association with our own leading advertiser named GRT jewelers came up with this project, which aims to enable comprehensive educational facilities including good environmental facilities in government schools. It was kick started with a complete meta analysis of Annual status of education report’s survey and educational status report of Tamil Nadu to identify the deserving schools which needs to be intervened and improve their infrastructures. Out of 100 schools, 20 deserving schools were screened and 6 schools which needed the attention in priority were identified and the works were executed as follows.

Aim and objectives of the project:

  1. To Enable Comprehensive Educational Facilities including Good Environmental facilities for students studying in schools managed by government of Tamil Nadu.
  2. To Renovate/Restore the available environmental facilities in order to provide quality education to the students.
  3. To ensure the availability of Basic amenities in schools managed by government of Tamil Nadu.
  4. To provide Financial Aid for deserving students for their studies
  5. To provide Medical Aid for poor and needy patients.

Table 2: Details of the Beneficiaries of this project – School Aid


Name of the School


Cost of the Work (INR)


Semmencheri Middle School,


  • 400 students will be accommodated in 6 class rooms every year.
  • No more crowded classroom environment for every student

63.50 Lakhs


Arignar Anna Government Higher Secondary School, Kumbakonam

  • 200 students will be accommodated in newly renovated classrooms.
  • No more water clogged classrooms
  • Safety compound walls

10 Lakhs


Salamangalam Panchayath union middle school, Kanchipuram

  • 60 students (2 classrooms) will not be experiencing rain water leakage anymore.
  • Increase in admission to 10 in numbers

30 Thousand


Puliyur Government Higher secondaryschool, Kodambakkam, Chennai

  • 253 Computer science group students will not be waiting anymore in the computer lab for their turns.

50 Thousand


Municipal High School, Tirumullaivayol, Ponneri

  • 65 anganwadi kids will no more openly defecate.

2 Lakhs


Government Higher Secondary school, Gomathipuram, Tirunindravur, Thiruvallur

  • 585 students will have their own bench and desks.
  • 821 Books will be safe

10 Lakhs

Table 3: Details of the Beneficiaries of this project – Financial Aid


Name of the Beneficiary


Aid Requested

Reason for Grant

Amount Sanctioned

Scholarship Aid – Educational Assistance




Semester fee

# No Parents

# Under the Care of grandmother who works as a domestic maid





School Fee

# School First Student

#Poor family

#Daily wage earner



Mast.Kaushik Raja


School Fee

#Bright student

#Son of a Street food vendor


Health Aid – Medical Assistance


Ms.Manju. 17yrs


Liver Transplantation

#Daily wage earner

#Poor family background



Mast.Siva Shanmugam,12 yrs


Kidney Transplantation

#Poor family

#Daily wage earner



Baby.Amirthavarshini 3mnths


Cyst Removal surgery

#works as a security

#Referred by Hospital



Mr.Farook, 78yrs


Eye Surgery

#Father of 3 girl child

# works in a furniture shop


Table 3: Links of the articles published


Links of the Articles published





Post Chennai Floods(2015), which affected the livelihood of the people in and around Chennai led the way for this project. On initial assessments, it was noted that, the reason for Chennai flood was due to poor water management system, i.e., poor maintenance of water bodies in Kanchipuram district adjacent to Chennai. These water bodies in Kanchipuram district are the main source of water supply for Chennai City. Vikatan reported the same as an article for its magazines and also took a huge responsibility of restoring the water bodies with the support of its readers and thus born was Restore Chennai Project. With the objective of restoring the water bodies to enhance the livelihood of farmers, and to provide sustainable drinking water to Chennai City, Vikatan had contributed Rs.1 Crore (=10 Million Rupees) for this project and the fund raised through our readers summed up to Rs.1.25 Crore (=12.5Million rupees) which shows the trust the readers have on us. Vikatan being an unbiased media in terms of reporting the governance,there were challenges in terms of getting permissions for execution of the projects from the government. Vikatan overcame these challenges and got approvals for 3 lakes and 2 ponds to be restored. The details of the restoration are as follows,

Table 1: Details of the water bodies restored


Name of the Water Body

Type of the Water Body

Size of lake in Acres

Total Irrigation Dependency

(In acres)

Restoration Process Executed






















Amman Kulam



Ground Water Recharge



Karasangal Pond



Ground Water Recharge


* BS - Bund Strengthening * TR - Trench * JC - Jungle Clearance * CW - Civil

Work * FE - Fencing * PL - Plantation *SE - Soil Erosion * DE – Desilting

Total Amount Collected from the Readers


Fund Contributed from Vikatan Group


Total Amount spent so far (Till March 2020)


Fund Remaining



Links of the Articles published






(The CSR arm of Vikatan Group) with the generous support of its readers has undertaken several initiatives to rehabilitate and rebuild the lives of those affected by the Cyclone Thane.

  1. Amabalavananpettai and Kurinjipadi Refugee camps: Monthly provisions like rice, cooking oil, pulses along with clothing and bedsheets were distributed for 310 poor families in Amabalavananpettai and Kurinjipadi at an estimated cost of Rs.5 lakhs.
  2. Naduthittu village: Only source of living for the 70 poor families in this village were the produce from cashew trees cultivated in less than 1½ acres. With all the cashew trees uprooted by Cyclone Thane they have lost their hope of living. Vikatan has taken up the initiative of removing the uprooted trees spread across 170 acres in Naduthittu village at a cost of Rs.10 lakhs.
  3. Medical Camps: Vikatan has undertaken conducting of medical camps with a team 20 doctors and 10 supporting staff in the villages of Cuddalore district. This is conducted once in two weeks with camps being conducted in Pathirakottai and Puthur villages till now. The required medicines are distributed free of charge to all the village households. These camps was conducted at an estimated cost of Rs.7 lakhs.
  4. Housing Project: Thyagavalli village in Cuddalore district was identified to provide housing to 16 poor families who have lost not only their houses but also all other belongings. This work will was done at an estimated cost of Rs.5 lakhs.
  5. Thazhanguda Fishing village: Vikatan has repaired large boats which have been damaged, and replaced small boats totally destroyed by Cyclone Thane in Thazhanguda Fishing village. We have also provided new fishing nets to the fishermen community in this village.
  6. Renovation of School buildings: Vikatan has renovated 7 school buildings which were damaged due to the storm.